I used to be so ashamed of my face. (part 1)

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4 years ago I had terrible cystic acne. It used to make me so ashamed of my face.

I tried everything you can think of, for 15 years. Countless creams, all of the possible antibiotics for acne…everything.

Every cream and every over the counter medicine (stopping short at Accutane) imaginable, with no success. I tried Differin, Retin A, Retin A Micro, Benzoyl Peroxide, 3 different hormonal treatments, Doxycycline, Monocycline, Clindamycin… The list never ends. Think of all the available antibiotics for acne, I’ve tried them.

I had finally gotten my acne to what felt like a more manageable level when I hit my early 20s. I was training to become a fitness instructor- so I was sweating and working out all of the time.

And of course, along came larger, cystic acne :( all along my jaw line. I was so, freaking, over it. I ended up going on a trip to New Hampshire and I decided to go see a doctor there (“maybe they’ll have another option”) and as I finished listing all of the antibiotics for acne I had tried, the doctor cocked her head to the side, looked at me sadly and said, very simply, “You’ve tried everything. I dunno what else we can do for you. We do have a laser treatment, it’s 500$ a session but I can’t guarantee it’ll work”

No. Thanks.

I left her office beyond frustrated, crying and yelling in my car all the way home.

However, that day was actually everything I needed to change my life.

I had always been told that my acne was not caused by the food I was eating. But I had done some reading, particularly because of the cystic acne along my jawline. I had read in Chinese medicine and Aruveyda that jawline acne in women was very much tied to their hormonal cycle.

Welp, I thought, I’m screwed, because I already tried hormones and antibiotics for my acne. But, since I was becoming a fitness instructor, I had really started to see changes in my body- changes I had never thought were possible. And it got me thinking… Just about how sensitive our beautiful bodies are- and how it’s not always just 1 factor that can influence our health, but many.

So I finally started to examine the very last piece of the puzzle. I said screw this to all of the antibiotics for acne and….

I started looking at my food.

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