Does sugar cause acne? I used to be ashamed of my face (part deux)

(This is a continuation of my antibiotics for acne story here)image-2

So – the big question on your mind is, does sugar cause acne?

In regards to my food in the past, I wasn’t terrible, but I wasn’t an angel, either. After all of the books I had read, I really started to wonder, does sugar cause acne? Is what I’m eating causing my acne?

In my diet, there was a lot of artificial sugars, a lot of meat, fried foods, processed food, and gluten.

I’d have a bagel and cream cheese when I got up, a turkey and cheese sandwich or a burger for lunch, and pizza for dinner.

Ok, so reading that list over – maybe I was pretty terrible!

After the “date from hell” with the dermatologist, I picked up a few amazing books- Kris Carr’s crazy sexy diet being one of them, and I started to learn…a lot.

And somehow- just somehow- I realized that it was my food that was the key to healing my acne naturally.

So, because I was on my last rope and just so exhausted by talking to people and doctors who really didn’t care about helping me, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I changed my diet slowly at first, starting with my breakfast, keeping that simple for a while, then slowly changing my lunch, keeping both habits in check, then finished with my dinner.

Now at the time, I was incredibly busy with work so I wasn’t really paying attention to the day to day developments. But what I saw after 30 days was truly, incredible:

I had absolutely no NEW breakouts (you know that feeling, when you wake up and feel for new cystic acne breakouts and they’re there and you just want to cry?) yeah- those. And I had had NONE in 30 days.

Also, a lot of my current ones had simply “gone down”. As in, just slowly started to fizzle away.

So I obviously kept this going, and wouldn’t you know- I haven’t had a break-out since.

In 4 years. 4. Years. Acne-Free.

So, the answers to my questions- does sugar cause acne? Is what I’m eating causing my acne?- became crystal clear.

Yes. Everything I eat, everything I put in my body, everything was deeply affecting my acne, on a very cellular level, every day.

Clearing my acne completely changed how I saw myself, walked, talked, and approached everything.

Also, on a related note, I have very fair skin and almost everyone in my family has had skin cancer. I’ve become quite the sunscreen addict it definitely shows.

Even as I get older my skin is luminous and bright… I feel so powerful and confident in it, even when I have no make up on!

So that is why I’m here.

I want to help you take control, feel beautiful and endlessly confident in your own skin again. I want to help you feel free from the worry and anxiety we can all feel when we have a terrible ugly, zit.

I think a person’s skin is a timeless marker for beauty, I think that with beautiful skin you can truly glow at any age and I want to get you started.

If you have questions like does sugar cause acne, what are the best foods for acne, and most importantly- what are the fastest steps I can take to heal my acne, download this free facemapping guide now to help get your glow back and answer some of your biggest acne clearing questions.




6 Responses to Does sugar cause acne? I used to be ashamed of my face (part deux)

  1. Do you still wash your face with skin care products, or just with water or just don’t bother with either at all?

    • Hi Shane! I use an oil cleanser sometimes actually:) I don’t focus as much on washing now though, as much as I focus on toning and exfoliating:) Hopefully that helps!

  2. So all it took was cutting out dairy, gluten and sugar and your skin cleared in 30 days? I always thought cystic acne was hormonal did you do anything for your hormones as well?

    • For me Amber, it was a big mix of things. I focused a lot on my digestion and sugar intake – and when I changed these two items significantly and THEN combined them with a ton of healthy veggies and fruits, it was like, a whole new me:)

  3. Okay, so maybe I eat an okay amount of sugar (raaarely candy, mostly things like homemade baked goods or ice cream), but im a vegetarian and eat pretty healthy! So I just don’t understand why I still have acne it’s so frustrating! !!

    • UGH I’m sorry Cee. How is your digestion? Hormones? Thats usually what I look at next when I’m trying to assess the actual acne “triggers”.

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