7 foods for glowing skin

foods for glowing skin
entirely too excited about this blueberry smoothie

Have you ever wondered what the best foods for glowing skin are?

If you’re new to these here parts, firstly, head over here:) for some free clear skin downloads, but also, know that I like giving big, general tips for glowing skin too.

We can do a deeper dive into why probiotics can help your acne, or what hormonal tests are best for acne, etc. but sometimes I think you might have simpler questions about your skin, like:

 “What can I eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner that will help, and not hurt, my skin?”

And that is where I come in today.

I wanted to give you a list of foods for glowing skin so that, if you happen to be standing at the counter waiting to order something for lunch, you can remember this quick list, and order something off of this instead:)

Here are 7 foods for glowing skin that you can start to add into your daily life:


foods for glowing skin
(the salmon is good, but do NOT eat that bread!!! haha:)


Full disclosure, I wasn’t always a big “fish” fan. I think it was because when I was little I may or may not have had a REALLY fishy (think: spoiled) fish one time, and it scarred me for life.

Now though, because I know how awesome fish can be for your bod AND your skin, I totally love it.

Here are just a few reasons salmon is one of the best ways to create a diet for glowing skin:

  • Salmon has a ton of omega 3s, which are fatty acids, and they help stave off wrinkles and keep your skin looking full and plumpalicious:) (<—yes I just made up that word.)
  • Omega 3s are also super antiinflammatory, so if you’re struggling with grumpy, red breakouts, count it as a dinner that most likely, won’t make you breakout more.
  • Salmon also has a ton of Vitamin D which supports strong bones and teeth, as well as the connective tissue in your skin; which is really helpful when you’re focusing on repairing damaged skin after breakouts.

*Note on salmon: make triple sure that you get wild caught and not farm raised salmon.

When you purchase farm raised salmon, it’s most likely devoid of a lot of the best and most important nutrients, so make sure you’re diligent about where the fish is sourced from.



(grab an avocado acne clearing moisturizing mask here)

foods for glowing skin

Avocado has become one of my FAVORITE super foods. I add it to everything, smoothies, masks, salads, it’s everywhere.

Because avocado is THAT good for your skin:

  • Avocados have a ton of vitamin E in them, which prevents cellular damage from occurring (it prevents cholesterol oxidation), which is key if you’re struggling with breakouts.
  • Avocados also have omega 9 fats in them, which can help reduce skin’s redness and inflammation after a breakout (#key).
  • Avocados also have a ton of antioxidant cartenoids, which can help prevent wrinkles, aging and helps you heal if and when your skin has been through some breakouts.

I mentioned it above, but I’m pretty obsessed with avocados in general, so grab a smoothie recipe here, a mask recipe here and a salad recipe here if you’re interested in adding more avocado into your life:)



foods for glowing skin


Full (embarrassing) disclosure: I once had an ex boyfriend who used to eat garlic pieces, raw. (Oh my gawed that BREATH THO).

It TOTALLY grossed me out, but when I tell you that his body and health were both ON POINT, I am not kidding. I knew there was something to this raw garlic thing so I decided to investigate.

  • Garlic is INSANELY antiinflammatory, so when you eat it raw, you’re helping your bod in a whole host of ways to fight off infection and general inflammation.
  • Garlic has has a ton of antioxidants too and is very antibacterial, so you can even use it on breakouts to kill bacteria.
  • It has a ton of vitamins C and B6, selenium AND zinc, which are all incredibly important for healing after acne.

If you’re interested in adding garlic into your diet, I’d recommend starting to add it in little places here and there to get into the habit of it.

I add garlic into every dish I can. Basically, that means that anything we roast at home, or cook in a pan, gets garlic added.


foods for glowing skin


I have a confession to make: I can’t eat broccoli.:( I’m allergic!

I used to eat it ALLLLLL of the time, because it’s literally one of the best foods for you, but, after a food allergy test (haha, where it came out that I was VERY allergic to them (no wonder I always had hives on my face….) I had to stop eating them completely.

But that shouldn’t stop YOU!

Broccoli is SUPER good for your skin, and super great for the rest of your body, too:

  • Broccoli has a ton of vitamin C which helps with collagen production, which you need for skin repair after breakouts.
  • Broccoli also has a ton of vitamin E, which prevents cell damage (again, key for healing after breakouts) and also works to protect you against the sun.
  • It also contains beta carotene, which helps prevent free radical damage too.

I used to roast my broccoli up with some salt and pepper in the oven for 15-20 minutes, and voila! Instant #yum.

Sweet potatoes

foods for glowing skin

Sweet potatoes are one of my FAVORITE foods to eat as a “substitute” for my old “ways”.

It fills you up, so it makes you feel full and happy, but it doesn’t “weigh you down” and it has SO many vitamins:

  • Sweet potatoes have a ton of beta carotene, which helps protect your skin against sun damage and free radical damage, like I just mentioned above:)
  • Sweet potatoes have a ton of Vitamin B6, which, if you read over in the science of skin, you’ll learn that acne sufferers generally have a slight deficiency here, so you’ll want to stock up on these babies.
  • Sweet potatoes are also low on the glycemic index, something I wrote about here, so when you eat them, they may TASTE sweet, but in fact, they aren’t “spiking” your blood sugar the way a ton of other foods can, which is awesome.

My FAV way to eat sweet potatoes is to roast them up a bit, add some cinnamon to them and voila, you have a tasty treat that’s also super great for your skin:)



foods for glowing skin


To be honest, I never got into cabbage until later in life, after I healed my acne naturally.

It was always this strange looking veggie in the corner of the vegetable area of the market, so I never explored it much.

BUT, it’s pretty dang good for your skin.

  • The combo of vitamin A and vitamin D in your skin work together to keep your skin protected from the sun, AND, the vitamin A helps you to heal after breakouts.
  • Cabbage is high in sulfer, which is needed for keratin production, which helps healthy skin, hair and nails grow and repair.
  • The natural pigments in red cabbage (like the one above) is said to lower blood sugar and help the body with insulin production, which is great to hear when you’re most likely struggling with some blood sugar imbalances (that may or may not be causing your breakouts).

I add cabbage to my salads like it’s going out of style. It always adds this amazing extra crunch that is just so stupendous and yummy, try it today! Here is a salad recipe with cabbage in it over on this page.


foods for glowing skin


I am a BIG fan of berries (you may know that already if you follow me on instagram:) but few facts about these babies confirm that I’m correct in being so obsessed.

  • Blubberries were ranked number one in antioxidant activity by the U.S. Department of Agriculture compared to 40 common fruits and vegetables.
  • Blueberries are low in sugar on the glycemic index, so when you eat them, you get the satisfying feeling of grabbing something sugary, but you don’t spike your blood sugar the way you normally would.
  • Blueberries may help to normalize sebum levels in your skin, which can be really helpful if you’re struggling with excess oil! (Here is an article on how to wash your face with acne if you’re having trouble!)

So, what do you think about the 7 foods for glowing skin? Are there any foods that I’m missing that you’ve recently started adding in that we should add to this list? Leave a comment below and let me know if so!






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    • Hi Freja!
      White rice can be a bit inflammatory- along with brown rice as well. They both have higher “glycemic index” values that can unfortunately spike your blood sugar (bad for acne) if eaten at the wrong time. White rice is especially nutrient “deficient” in a lot of ways as well. Try to avoid if you can!
      Jill Therese

  1. I am having trouble finding the link to download the 34 tips… I got an email and everything it keeps bringing me back to the same pages “/ I am desperate…

  2. Hi Jill,

    What type of non-diary milk would you suggest is safe to use? Also, I love coconut yogurt and shredded coconut. Do you think coconut is ok to eat? Thanks!

    • Hi Michelle! SO, I love coconut oil and almond milk myself, they’re my favorites:) Just make sure you grab one with super low sugar, so that it doesn’t spike your blood sugar:) Coconuts are great to eat! Let me know which ones you pick:)

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