Top 10 Natural Acne Clearing Creams + My favorite acne scar cream

Jill PalmerMy lovely!

I wanted to give you the list of my Top 10 natural acne clearing creams!

I get so many questions all of the time and I LOVE them (keep ’em coming!) and I’m dedicated to answering as many as humanly possible so I wanted to answer a big one for you today:)

I know that so many of you ask me for the best natural acne remedies and so I wanted to give you a list of my 10 favorite natural creams for acne-prone skin. 

I’ve broken the list down into two parts-moisturizers and treatments– to make it supah simple. So read on and pick one moisturizer and one treatment option to start some acne clearing!

Here is a list of my 5 favorite moisturizers for acne prone skin:

1. Cetaphil’s Oil Free Moisturizer – pick this up at any local drugstore. It’s not the most organic and/or chemical-free moisturizer out there, but I have found that I could still use it even when I was having a really bad breakout. It was simple, inexpensive, and it help me stay moisturized without making me feel oily.

2. Coconut Oil – this is a great natural oil that you can pick up at a local health food store or grocery store. The reason coconut oil is awesome for your skin is because it has two powerful antimicrobial agents in it- capric acid and lauric acid. So basically, it helps to remove the bacteria on your face that can start the chain reaction for acne itself. I find that it leaves my skin feeling really moisturized but not too oily. If you’re worried about looking oily, apply this and the following two moisturizers at night, so that you’re not feeling oily all day.

3. Jojoba Oil – this oil is the botanical extract of the seed of the jojoba tree. The basic idea is that when you apply this oil, your skin thinks that it has enough oil, so it calms its production of sebum (the oil that can help to cause breakouts). Pick some up today in its purest form, and try it out in a few small places on your skin. It might make your skin appear a bit oily at first, but don’t fret, that’s normal at the beginning. I’ve just started using this on my nose (clogged pores there that drive me CRAZY!) because the goal is to soften the dirty in the pores and then really bring out the dirt. (I’ll let you know how this goes!)

4. Hemp Seed Oil – this oil is obtained by cold-pressing hemp seeds. It has a ton of linoleic acid and a very high concentration of fatty acids which are super beneficial to your skin, hair and nails. So many people have had a lot of luck in keeping their skin moisturized while they use hemp seed oil, and it can over time, help you to avoid breaking out further. A lot of people report that it even HELPS PREVENT breakouts! Give it a try :)

Try it out, and if it works – hey, it works! If not you can always try….

5. Grapeseed oil– this contains a lot of linoleic acid to help strengthen your skin, and your skin super, super needs this when you’re having acne problems (that can often upset the delicate imbalance of your skin as well as negatively effect any oil/dryness issues.) Again, there is a high level of fatty acids, antioxidants and super anti-inflammatory properties here as well that are powerful for acne healing.

Now, those are a few moisturizers for acne that you can try, let’s move on to my 4 favorite natural acne treatments!

1. Benonite clay mask- this is a natural clay that’s extracted from deposits from around the world. (I’m kinda obsessed with clay, so stay with me). The coolest part about this clay? When it’s combined with liquid it develops a mild electical charge that pulls impurities from tissues. So it literally pulls the junk out of your pores and helps to remove it from your skin. So cool right? Try a mask today!

2. Tamanu oil- this oil comes from the seed from the fruit of a flower on a tree that only blooms 2X a year! (Hehe, funny sentence). Ergo, this is a super hot commodity. One of the best parts about Tamanu oil is that it’s super rich in fatty acids- I talk about this a lot in the CYSCYL Program- and how important these acids are to healing your acne. It’s also antibacterial, has a ton of antioxidants, is antimicrobial and anti fungal as well.  It’s pretty thick and has a fruity/earthy smell to it… always test a little spot on your skin first too!

3. Tea tree oil- full disclaimer on this one. I totally, totally hated tea tree oil for my acne. The smell, for some reason, made me want to DIE inside, but I know a lot of people have had a ton of success with it for their acne so I wanted to include it. It’s super anti-inflammatory so it can really help with redness. It has some pretty awesome soothing and antimicrobial factors to it- so again, you’ll find that it kills the bacteria on your skin that originally causes breakouts. They have little “roller tube” options of it every where (I shudder when I pass them) (ok I’ll stop now…:) so grab one to try today!

5. Manuka honey – acne sufferers SWEAR by this treatment (I never got to try it though:). This honey is super powerful because it is SUPER antibacterial. Some scientists even say that it can inhibit 80 strains of bacteria (including the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria that sits on our face and causes our acne in the first place). It’s also super healing and soothing. They used to use this honey all the way back in 1892 in Egypt for wound healing. Yah, it’s that good:)


Bonus bonus. Trouble with scarring? My favorite acne scar remedy ( it’s not “natural” but has lovely ingredients) treatment is Kiehl’s Wild Rose Face and Eye Serum. (Definitely not even being paid to link to that website. I truly loved this stuff for my acne scars. I STILL use it for “brightening”).

What is YOUR favorite scar healing remedy?




12 Responses to Top 10 Natural Acne Clearing Creams + My favorite acne scar cream

  1. I get spots that last for MONTHS, they just keep re-filling and re-clogging and are so resistant to everything I try. I’m like you when I say I’ve tried literally everything in the book. I’ve done a complete overhaul on my diet and feel like I’m doing more healthy things for my body that I have in years. I’ve reduced my skin car regimen to- gentle exfoliating cream cleanser by Aveda, tone with witch hazel/lemon juice, moisturizer with hemp seed oil ( which has done amazing things!) , and I spot treat these stubborn deeply clogged blemishes with bentonite clay. I’ve also began a series of Glycolic peels- however by dermatologists and naturopath still cannot give me answers on why I’m not healing and these spots are so persistent. I was looking forward to a make-free summer but just can’t get rid of these stubborn spots. Any suggestions? Xoxo

    • Hi Laura! So happy to help with some ideas. That’s really phenomenal that you’re taking steps in terms of your diet! The best/worst parts about switching up your diet are that once you’ve really got it figured out, it has more of a lasting effect, but the worst part is that it can sometimes take a bit longer.
      I’ve generally found that acne is a result of one of the following issues: blood sugar maintenance, hormonal imbalances, digestion issues, stress, and/or overall inflammation.
      Do you feel like there is one area there that you are still having some trouble with? Do you have a sweet tooth (in spite of still adding in a ton of green juices etc.?) Or, do you find you’re having some digestion issues? (going too much or too little?)
      Take a look at those five items I just listed and start to examine if you need to work on one more than another. Everyone’s body is a bit different so identifying your MAIN acne cause can be really helpful.
      Hopefully that starts to point you in the right direction!

      • THANK YOU for your reply :) Yes I completely agree with you about addressing the areas you listed. I am currently waiting results from a salivary hormone test as well as working with my naturopath to figure out what is going on with my blood sugar levels. I am addressing all other areas as well but sometimes feel I’ve come to a dead end and feeling like I don’t know what else I can do! I began my path to heal in a more holistic approach on April 4th, 2014. Am I expecting unrealistic results in this amount of time? I do don’t have a full face of red, inflamed acne. I feel like I have the Pandora’s box of an acne case…. These spots that don’t heal and re clog over and over, I have yet to find a person that can relate to me and it is SO distressing. I feel so abnormal. Did you ever personally experience spots that almost seemed to never heal? Like months and months of the same spot hanging out? So confused!

        • Omgoodness just this April you started!!?? Oh you are going to be GREAT do not worry!! You’re taking all of the very best steps and although they might feel slow don’t worry at all, truly. The hormonal levels will really help you get a hold of things and get clarity so that’ll be great.
          Also- everyone who reads my blog (over thousands) can TOTALLY relate to you so try not to feel alone!! We’ve all been there and it just takes some time and perseverance.
          Once you get your bod into a much less inflamed state I think you’ll see more and more healing as time goes on- and those spots will heal faster and better with time.
          You’re on the right track Laura and we’re with you!!

        • Laura, I want to let you know I’m having the same problem with bumps that show up and stay FOREVER. Don’t feel alone, lady!! It’s so frustrating bc you see other people that have acne and their zits disappear in like a few days and yours just sit on your face for weeks. I literally have bumps on my face still that are active that I got over three weeks ago. Most of the time they aren’t super big and gross, but still, who wants a zit that over stays it’s welcome? I’m starting to experiment with things to help clear my face. I know my acne is hormone related bc it started when I dropped birth control pills for the copper IUD. I always had beautiful clear skin with a small minimal bump popping up ever blue moon up until last year, so it’s super hard for me to go from having people tell me almost daily how beautiful my skin was to almost bursting into tears when I look in the mirror. It’s super tough. Good luck to you sister and I have faith we will all conquer our skin woes!!

          • KK you are amazing!

            You will TOTALLY conquer your skin woes. Just keep trying to taking action on a daily basis, trying new things and listening and watching your body. You WILL see change and progress- might just take a minute. But do NOT give up! Here to support you:)

            So much love,

        • Ah Laura I thought I replied to this forever ago! I’m so sorry!

          You know… I definitely think I did have some areas that just wouldn’t stop or heal permanently.

          Did you check out the post on facemapping? Here’s the link:

          Maybe that will have some ideas for you?

          KK below is right, don’t feel alone! We will help you figure it out!
          So much love,

  2. Hi Jill,
    Thanks so much for all your acne advice. I’ve tried several of your suggestions and they have helped some. However, I still am having breakout trouble. I used to think that my skin was bad when I was younger 15 – 20yrs. All I had trouble with then was small under the skin bumps on my forehead and a rare breakout. Once I hit about 22yrs though my skin went wild and has only gotten worse. I’m 25 now and my complexion is the worst it has ever been. I never used to have trouble with scarring (discoloration), but now every breakout leaves a scar. I did try the Wild Rose Face & Eye Serum, but my face seemed to break out more when using it. Did you have any issues at first when you used it?
    I’m highly suspicious that I have a hormonal imbalance. Is there any for sure way to tell (without spending money)? Any suggestions on how to keep breakouts at bay?
    I eat a pretty good diet and have for years (OG whole grains, beans, legumes, veggies, fruits, limited sugar which is usually OG cane sugar or honey, no fried foods, and plenty of water.) I start my day with a quart ball jar of apple cider vinegar water. I have drastically cut back on my skin care regimen the past few months. All I do now is wash my face alternatively with Neutrogena Naturals Acne Cream Cleanser and Tropical Traditions 100% Coconut Oil Soap, tone with an apple cider vinegar and aloe vera witch hazel toner, and treat breakouts with lavender and tea tree essential oils. That’s it. My face isn’t worse, but it isn’t exactly better. And my breakouts are mainly on my forehead, jawline, chin, & nose.
    If you have any suggestions at all or insight into why my skin gets worse with age I’d so appreciate to hear from you. After reading your story, I know it’s possible to have clear skin, I just have to figure it out first though.
    Thanks so much Jill! You’re a real inspiration!

    • Hi Hannah!
      First of all, thank you so much for writing to me!
      Second of all- you are TOTALLY on the right track so do NOT give up!!!! :)
      It does sound like, from what you described, that you have some hormonal acne going on.
      Have you ever tried any supplements like estroblock, burdock root, zinc, omega 3s, anything like that? Those can often super help in the right combination.
      Also do you have a sweet tooth? Or problems with digestion? I often find that people see a HUGE change in their acne clearing when they look at those two details; sugar intake and digestion.
      (On the scarring note I didn’t start using that cream until AFTER I had healed my acne (I should make note of that) so I can’t really say how it’ll affect your skin while you’re still in the process of clearing it)
      Let me know what other things you’ve tried and I’ll try to be of more help:)


      • Hi Jill,
        Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to me. I would love to get some of your advice and help. Is there an email address I could send you more info on? I can let you know more there … without making all my personal health info public (especially since I’m sure my problems stem from hormonal issues). Look forward to hearing from you.
        All the best,

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