Clear your acne while eating doughnuts. Here’s how. (It has to do with blood sugar and acne!)

Doughnut+compConfession: I don’t eat perfectly all of the time.

In fact, I have been known to completely attack a glazed doughnut (read all about my dirty secret here).

And I often get the question: “But do I have to eat perfectly to have clear skin?”

SO, pray tell, you wonder, how can YOU have the occasional naughty treat, while still keeping your skin clear?

I wanted to share a bit of what works for me so that you can give it a whirl.

I follow my patented 7% rule (haha it is not patented, that would be cray, but it is my fav rule :).

Here’s how I keep my skin clear, but still have the occasional doughnut once and a while:

I’m incredibly anal about keeping my blood sugar super, super managed throughout the day.

Blood sugar and acne are so linked and keeping them in balance is super important to keeping my skin clear (you can read about that here and here.)

So I generally eat 6 meals a day.

I have an AM smoothie, then a snack, then lunch, then a snack, then dinner and then usually something something before bedso is needed.

So 6 meals a day, yeah?

Now, multiply that by 7 days a week and you get 42. Give or take a few.

Now, here’s where the magical-doughnut-eating-happens.

I allow myself to have 3 totally naughty meals a week. (7% of my diet.)
I’ll eat a doughnut for breakfast on the weekend like in this pic (GASP!!!), or I’ll have a big bacon cheeseburger (go to PJ Clarkes in NYC, so phenoms) with french fries.

But I only get THREE of these meals a week.

The rest of the time, I am KNEE deep in kale, flaxseed, salmon, and blueberries are my “sugar” for the day.

Yep, just said that “blueberries are the sugar in my day”- so you get the picture.

Because honestly- if having clear skin means that I just eat bland, miserable, awful, boring things all of the time, I won’t- and can’t- do it.

Another rule I have- small digression bear with me here- is that I always ask what my 90-year-old self would say when confronted with a choice I’m feeling a bit iffy on. This comes back to food sometimes- because I think we all want to live the best life possible- while still feeling like we’re able to truly “live” and experience pleasure and fun (i.e. doughnuts and burgers).

My 90-year-old-self usually requests that I live a life of discipline and focus, while still sprinkling in a ton of fun and pleasure here and there.

So, in an effort to give you an idea of how you can integrate this into YOUR life- let’s go over what you’d eat in a  a typical day that doesn’t include a cheat meal, and what you’d do in a day that that DOES.

Your NON-cheat day meal plan:


Smoothie: blueberries (you can check out my favorite recipe here on insta), spinach, almond milk, flaxseed, plus almond butter (if I want something a bit heftier!)


Pumpkin seeds plus a banana


Big salad with at least 5, if not all, of the veggies below:)

Spinach, kale, sunflower seeds, broccoli, edamame, cabbage, avocado, + green apple, chopped, topped with olive oil and lemon for dressing


Organic green apple


I’ll usually eat some type of meat/chicken dish with roasted veggies over rice and romaine lettuce.

Before bed snack: 


Your CHEAT day meal plan when you want a doughnut and it’s Sunday so obviously, it’s a doughnut day:


2 boiled eggs + almonds on the side.

* It is very important that you eat protein here, before you eat the sugar-filled doughnut. Will explain why, shortly.


Eat that doughnut.

*Some thoughts behind your breakfast from above: blood sugar in relation to skin is so, so, so important (I talk about how blood sugar affects your skin here).

Part of this has to do with how your body secretes insulin (the body’s response to eating sugar) and so managing that process as much as possible is very important.

When you eat protein BEFORE you eat sugar- so the eggs and almonds above- your body has a response and starts to release insulin.

When you go to eat this doughnut- your body has already started to release insulin to help your blood sugar remain a little bit more stable. This article uses a great analogy- it’s kinda like a fire fighter responding to a fire- the quicker they get there, the quicker they’ll put the fire out.


Mixed nuts- no peanuts though!


Salad sambo on gluten-free bread. Include five veggies: cucumber, sprouts, spinach, tomato, avocado. All the yummies.


Organic green apple


Salmon with brussel sprouts

Before bed snack: 

Mixed nuts again:)

Do you see how the rest of the day is geared towards healthy skin? You don’t have to be perfect (as I’ve mentioned- I’m not!) but you do have to create healthy systems and habits that ensures your blood sugar remains as level as possible.

Do you have a certain guilty pleasure that you allow yourself to eat? Tell me about it below!



2 Responses to Clear your acne while eating doughnuts. Here’s how. (It has to do with blood sugar and acne!)

  1. Came across this post and appreciate the guidance in incorporating a few treats into an otherwise healthy diet. Helps me feel a teensy less guilty when I hear others doing it haha. I enjoy your blog in general and find encouragement in each post I read. Thanks for all you do :)

    • Hi Liz!!! YAY! This makes me so very happy. Don’t feel guilty- that only makes me mess up more! With every ” wrong choice ” just remind yourself that it’s a million baby steps that will lead you to success!:)

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