5 winter vegetable recipes – that also support acne healing:)

5 winter vegetable recipesYes, it’s freezing out and yes, as a result, I, Jill Therese, have winter vegetable recipes on my mind.

I think one of the most important things you can do in regards to food, is eat for the season you’re in.

What do I mean by that you wonder?

I’ve talked about this a lot in my Ayurveda for your acne post, so check it out here if you missed it.

Ayurveda serves a million and one purposes and is a much larger concept than I can ever do justice to here, but, I always think about it a lot when winter comes around.

All summer long I usually eat a lot of raw food, naturally, because it just feels good. You know what I mean? When its super hot outside, the last thing I want to eat is something soft, warm, and mushy (haha, does that make sense?) I want something refreshing, cool, crisp; to “temper” and/or counteract the heat I’m feeling on the outside.

So, whenever winter comes around, I always try to change my diet a bit – moving away from raw veggies and moving towards more roasted, baked and/or cooked veggies; simply: I eat warm things to counteract the cold on the outside.

I wanted to help you do the same thing today, so I wanted to share some of my favorite winter vegetable recipes with you!

This is another reason I always do the #healyourfacewithfood challenge at the beginning of the year – I find its easier to eat healthier/more veggies in the summer than it is in the winter, so I love giving you a TON of resources at this time of year if your’e feeling uninspired food wise.

Veggies are great for your skin for five thousand and one reasons, but, one of the reasons I love eating them in the winter is because they contain a TON of antioxidants that bolster our skin from the damage cause by free radicals on a cellular level.

So eat your way to glowing skin with the help of these health-boosting vegetable recipes that will work great for your skin this winter season:

Here are 5 Winter Vegetable Recipes – that also support acne clearing!

Recipe#1: Heirloom tomato salad with green beans and goat cheese:

5 winter vegetable recipes

Trimmed bush beans, 4 cups
Heirloom tomatoes, 4
Virgin oil, 3 tbsp
Chopped herbs like chervil, dill; 3tbsp
White wine vinegar, 2tbsp
Fresh goat cheese, 4 ounces ** if however you think your acne is in part caused by dairy, don’t include this:)
Salt and pepper, to taste

Slice the tomatoes nicely and arrange them in a circular setting on a plate. Put the boiled beans in the center and drizzle vinegar and oil on top. Sprinkle with chevre and herbs, add salt and pepper to taste.

Why these vegetables are great for your skin:

Heirloom tomatoes are loaded with skin-goodness; their high vitamin C and A contents keep your skin glowing and nourish the adrenal glands to curtail stress (<—- ooooh! that’s a big one!). Since they’re also rich in antioxidants, they also act as a natural sunscreen protecting your skin from harmful rays.

Recipe#2: Roasted Brussels sprouts and apples

5 winter vegetable recipes

Trimmed Brussels sprouts, 8 ounces
Diced apple, 1/2 cup
Olive oil, 2 tbsp
Apple cider, 2 tbsp
Salt, 1/4 tbsp
Black pepper, 1/8 tbsp
Shredded fresh thyme, 1 tbsp

Put Brussels sprouts and apple in a baking dish and toss well after adding all the remaining ingredients. Bake in an oven for 25-30 minutes at 375°C.

Why these vegetables are great for your skin:

Interesting fact: the vitamin C content in brussels sprouts is much higher than that in most fruits, like oranges, lemons, etc.! A single serving of these can give you a ton of nutritional benefits like boosting skin rejuvenation, keeping your skin hydrated, and aiding collagen production to reduce signs of aging.

Recipe#3: Asparagus Stir-Fry

5 winter vegetable recipes

Asparagus, 3/4 pounds
Yellow bell pepper, 1
Snow peas, 2 ounces
Extra virgin olive oil, 1 1/2 tbsp
Sliced mushrooms, 4 ounces
Seasoned rice vinegar, 3 tbsp
Reduced-sodium soy sauce, 1 1/2 tbsp
Dark sesame oil, 2 tbsp

Chop the asparagus, bell pepper, and snow peas. Heat the extra virgin olive oil in the pan, add mushrooms and cook for 4 minutes, until golden. Add the chopped vegetables and drizzle with vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Cook for 6-7 minutes and serve over brown rice.

Why these vegetables are great for your skin:

Asparagus has the highest content of folic acid as compared to any other vegetable in the market. It’s rich in fiber, vitamins A, C, E and phytochemical glutathione that possesses anti carcinogenic and antioxidant properties. The vitamin E helps in mending any dry skin problems and the collagen fiber production boosts, that asparagus is known to initiate, keeps the skin firm.

Recipe#4: Sweet potato beet hash

5 winter vegetable recipes

Peeled and cubed sweet potato, 1
Peeled and cubed beet, 1
Black pepper and sea salt, to taste
Sliced turkey bacon, 1
Melted coconut oil, 1 tbsp
Diced onion, 1

Mix the sweet potatoes and beets in a baking dish and toss them with coconut oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake for 25-30 minutes in an oven at 205°C. Cook the bacon separately at medium heat and add the previously baked mixture to the pan, once the bacon is crisp. Cook for 5 more minutes.

Why these vegetables are great for your skin:

Sweet potatoes are super rich in vitamin A and act as an anti-inflammatory agent, fighting the acne-causing bacteria. Vitamin C also helps to heal hyperpigmentation and improves skin tone – which can help with acne scarring. The presence of potassium and magnesium also keeps a check on stress levels.

Beets are abundant in anthocyanins that help with skin elasticity and make your skin look pink and just *resplendent*, my dear:). You can also directly apply beet juice to your face to get rid of blemishes, dark spots, and puffy eyes.

Recipe#5: Miso-Butter braised turnips

5 winter vegetable recipes

Medium turnips, 6
Spinach, 5 cups
Salt, 1/4 tbsp
Sugar, 1 tbsp
White miso, 4 tbsp
Reduced sodium chicken broth, 1 cup
Butter, 2 tbsp

Melt 1 tbsp butter in a pan and cook the turnips after adding salt till brown spots appear. Add broth and sugar, stirring slowly for 15-20 minutes until all the liquid is evaporated. With the remaining 1 tbsp butter, mash miso in a bowl and add to the pan once the turnips are tender. Keep stirring until all the turnips are well coated.

Why these vegetables are great for your skin:

Like all other root vegetables, turnips have a high content of vitamin A and C, brightening the skin and providing a ton of anti-ageing and anti oxidant benefits.

What do you think of these yummy – and warming – winter vegetable recipes? Will you try any!?



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