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Homemade healthy protein bars

10Summer is coming, and as we chatted about back in the Ayurveda for your acne post, I’m all about eating for the season.

If you missed this post, check it out here, however, generally speaking, this means that I like eating lighter in the summer as it comes around.

Raw veggies, lighter and smaller dishes; these are my summer jams.

Does that sound familiar to you too?

The last thing I want to do when it’s super hot outside is to eat a ton of heavy, thick-and-filling-foods stuffs.

So I wanted to share one of my favorite homemade healthy protein bar recipes because they’re the perfect healthy snack in the summer.

Here’s why I picked this one to share; I LOVE protein bars, but if they’re too heavy and like… gooey/ thick tasting, I can barely eat them.

However, if and when you add almond butter to the mix, and lighten them up a touch, I’m in. (I’m using almond butter because peanuts can have a negative affect on acne for some people, which is no bueno.)

Here is one of my fav recipes for skin-healthy homemade healthy protein bars :)

1.5 cups old-fashioned rolled oats
3 scoops chocolate protein powder (try to make this as low in sugar as possible)
1/4 cup honey
1/3 cup almond butter (the no sugar kind:)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 big handful of walnuts.


Line a 9×5” loaf pan with parchment paper or lightly grease with cooking spray.

Place rolled oats in food processor and mix until oats are super thin, almost like a powdery-flour-y consistency.

In a medium bowl, mix the rolled oats with the protein powder.

Next, in a pan over medium heat, stir honey and almond butter until melted and mixed together.

Remove this from heat and stir in vanilla extract.

Then, pour the almond butter mixture over the oats and stir ’em up!

Then, press the mixture into the prepared pan. (You can use your hands here, it’s ok to get a little dirty in the kitchen!)

Pop them into the refrigerator for 30 minutes before slicing into bars.

Here’s how I’d recommend eating these babies: because of my personal texture issues I mentioned above, this is what I think:

Cut up a big bunch of berries, strawberries etc. and eat them on the side as well.

You’ll get berry delights, + a filling protein bar that’s healthy and won’t completely spike your blood sugar.

Do you have a favorite protein bar recipe that you love? Share it with me below!

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Best oils for acne prone skin

FullSizeRender (22)So, I’ve recently become obsessed with oils.

It started this summer. (I chatted about it in another post on acne scars here:)

I was having a hard time finding a moisturizer for my skin.

And since I always had so many skin issues when I was younger and couldn’t use normal products, I’m basically a kid in a candy shop about products and their lovely goodness. I’ll spend hours in Duane Reade (and CVS… and Walgreens… haha!)

And one fateful night in June I found a super thick Burt’s Bees night cream; I really wanted moisture, moisture, moisture.

I used it for three weeks until….

I realized that my skin had slowly become a mass of clogged pores, bumps, and general dead skin build up all over my skin. It looked awful.

I realized, finally through experience, that heavy creams are REALLY not the way to go for oily skin, and that, contrary to what you’d think, oil is actually BETTER for your skin.


(Full disclosure, this is going to be the first of many articles on oils. I feel like I’m totally late to the party, too, because I know SO many people talk about this and I just haven’t. But oh well, better late than never right?) (**Also, see the disclosure at the bottom. Sometimes companies are NOT the best when they produce these oils, so be really careful when you go to purchase:) I have some brand recommendations below:)

I know you have questions about the best creams and products for your skin, so I wanted to give you a BIG honking bird’s eye view of what type of products are best for your skin, even when you’re struggling with acne.

Below, you’ll find 9 of the Best Oils for Acne Prone Skin. Grab 1 (or all 9 haha, if you have an “overexcitement problem” like me hehe) and give them a whirl:)

best oils for acne prone skin

Hemp oil:

What is it:

This oil is obtained by cold-pressing hemp seeds.

Why it’s great for you:

This oil contains a ton of fatty acids; gamma linoleic acids, and a very high concentration of alpha-linolenic acid.

These are super beneficial to your skin, hair and nails because they’ve been shown to decrease the inflammation that can come with acne.

It’s really light and can be really great when you’re suffering from acne because it’s not too heavy.

So many people have had a lot of luck in keeping their skin moisturized while they use hemp seed oil, and it can over time, help you to avoid breaking out further. A lot of people report that it even HELPS PREVENT breakouts! Give it a try.

Where you can buy:

You can grab this in a health food store – always test it out on a little patch on your arm first though, so that you can make sure you aren’t allergic:)

Or, grab it online here, I like this brand for hemp oil: Nutiva Organic Hemp Oil, 24-Ounce Bottle.

Grape seed oil:

What is it:

Haha, this one is not difficult to guess, it’s oil pressed from the seeds of grapes.

Why it’s great for you:

Again, we’re talking amazing fatty acids for you.

Grape seed oil contains a lot of linoleic acid to help strengthen your skin (see above) as well as antioxidants and vitamins D, C, E.  All of these vitamins help your skin to repair after breakouts and help to minimize breakouts. 

Where you can buy:

You can grab this in a health food store – always test it out on a little patch on your arm first though, so that you can make sure you aren’t allergic:)

OR, grab it online here, I love this brand: Now Foods Grape Seed Oil, 16 Ounce.

Jojoba oil:

Quick note on this: I tried jojoba oil for a while and while it was nice, it wasn’t a perfect fit for my skin. It kept it feeling rather dry and flaky. BUT, I know that it’s really worked for a LOT of people suffering with acne. So it could be really awesome. I also tried it recently, years after I’ve been able to heal my acne naturally, so I’m quite sure that my skin’s chemistry has changed a lot.

What is it:

This oil is the botanical extract of the seed of the jojoba tree. This oil is unique because it’s very close to the sebum that our body naturally produces. The basic idea is that when you apply this oil, your skin thinks that it has enough oil, so it calms it’s production of sebum (the oil that can help to cause breakouts).

Why it’s great for you:

It has a ton of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties (so important when you’re healing your acne naturally) as well as Vitamins A, B and E.

Where you can buy:

Pick some up today in its purest form, and try it out in a few small places on your skin. It might make your skin appear a bit oily at first, but don’t fret, that’s normal at the beginning.

Also, if you want to grab it online, the brand I like has it here as well:) : NOW Foods Jojoba Oil Pure, 4 ounce.

Coconut oil:

What is it:

Very difficult: oil from a coconut:)

Why it’s great for you:

The reason coconut oil is awesome for your skin is because it has two powerful antimicrobial agents in it – capric acid and lauric acid. So basically, it helps to remove the bacteria on your face that can start the chain reaction for acne itself. I find that it leaves my skin feeling really moisturized but not too oily. If you’re worried about looking oily, apply this (and the following two moisturizers) at night, so that you’re not feeling oily all day.

Where you can buy:

Any store really, it’s really increased in popularity so you can find it anywhere.

Or, online, grab it here:) : Spectrum Essentials Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil Bodycare 15 Ounces.

Sesame Oil:

What is it:

Oil derived from the sesame seed.

Why it’s great for you:

It contains a ton of vitamin E, and also contains also contains palmitic acids, stearic acid, and linoleic acids. So again, we’re talking some major anti-inflammatory fatty acids here, which are really powerful for your skin. 

Where you can buy:

Pick some up today in its purest form, and try it out in a few small places on your skin. It might make your skin appear a bit oily at first, but don’t fret, that’s normal at the beginning.

Or, grab it online, this is a nice brand:): Aura Cacia Organic Skin Care Oil, Protecting Sesame, 4 Fluid Ounce.

Tea Tree Oil:

Full disclaimer on this one. I totally, totally hated tea tree oil for my acne.

The smell, for some reason, made me want to DIE inside, like, I still can’t really smell it anymore without gagging, haha.

But I know a lot of people have had a ton of success with it for their acne, so I wanted to include it on this list.

What is it:

Haha, again, oil derived from the tea tree leaf:)

Why it’s great for you:

It’s super anti-inflammatory so it can really help with redness. It has some pretty awesome soothing and antimicrobial factors to it- so again, it may kill the bacteria on your skin that is causing your breakouts.

Where you can buy:

They have little “roller tube” options of it everywhere (I shudder when I pass them) (ok I’ll stop now…:) so grab one to try today!

Or, grab the online version here, but make sure you are careful and dilute the oil.

Sometimes, when you purchase an oil you have to dilute it (because the version they’re selling is super strong) so be extra careful and do some research! NOW Foods Tea Tree Oil, 1-Ounce.

Castor Oil:

I’ve personally done a lot of reading about castor oil because I love the consistency, it’s quite thick!

I’ve used it mostly for my hair, I’ll apply at the roots and massage in every now and then for some really great hair growth:)

ALSO, another safety caveat: certain publications have stated that castor oil is harmful for your eyes, (and I’ve read that other people have applied it directly to their eyelashes for growth) so sometimes I think the world is a bit split on this. My advice: do your own research, talk to your doctor, and make sure you always do a quick test on your skin for allergies:)

What is it:

A vegetable oil pressed from the seeds of a castor plant.

Why it’s great for you:

It’s famous for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and also antifungal properties as well. It’s rich in ricinoleic acid as well, which helps fight acne breakouts.

Where you can buy:

You can totally buy this oil in any health store.

Buy it online here as well, I love this brand: NOW Solutions Castor Oil, 100 % Pure, 16 ounce.

Evening Primrose Oil:

What is it:

Oil from an evening primrose seed.

Why it’s great for you:

It has a ton of antioxidants and helps to fight free radicals, and people often use it to fix PMS symptoms; they have for years. Again, we’re talking fatty acid powerhouse here, it has a ton of GLA fatty acids (gamma-linolenic acids) which can help to have a hormonal balancing affect. You can find evening primrose teas, lotions; it’s really been used for centuries for hormonal balancing-type stuffs. 

Where you can buy:

Ok, so this brand is based in the US and I bought this version this summer (after my Burt’s Bees Incident above that I mentioned) and I freaking LOVE it.

Or, again, if you’re noticing a pattern, you can buy it here from a brand I’m pretty into: NOW Foods Evening Prim Oil, 4 ounce.

Tamanu oil:

What is it:

This oil comes from the seed from the fruit of a flower on a tree that only blooms 2X a year! (Hehe, funny sentence). Ergo, this is a super hot commodity.

Why it’s great for you:

One of the best parts about Tamanu oil is that it’s super rich in fatty acids- noticing a pattern here haha?

It’s also known to have a unique ability to promote wound healing and to accelerate the growth of new skin; which is really helpful if you’re healing from a bad breakout AND if you want to help with some scarring.

It’s also antibacterial, has a ton of antioxidants, is antimicrobial and antifungal as well.  It’s pretty thick and has a fruity/earthy smell to it… always test a little spot on your skin first too! 

Where you can buy:

Again, you can always pick it up in health stores if you like a hands-on experience.

If you want to grab it online, I like this brand:): Tamanu Oil – Pure and Cold Pressed – For Skin, Nails, Face, Hair and Scars – Calophyllum Inophyllum (Foraha Nut Seed Oil) – 100 % 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.



There you have it, a big honking list of some of the best oils and creams for acne clearing. What do you think? How does this list look to you?

I’m ALL about everyone helping everyone heal their acne together, so, leave me a comment below: What is YOUR favorite moisturizer for acne prone skin?

P.S. Some of the above names links to affiliate links for a few products that I like and I do receive a commission for them, just FYI.

**Also, quick caveat about ALL of the above oils: Sometimes these oils can be processed in a way that isn’t always the best. I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you, but often to make money (and to be more efficient) companies will process these oils with harmful ingredients. Whenever you purchase products, make sure that they’re as pure as humanly possible.

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4 Worst Foods for acne

FullSizeRender (80)“So what do *you* eat for *your* skin?”

I get this question, all day long, especially when I tell people what I do.

And the answer isn’t always what you’d expect. I don’t start with a list of foods that I do eat, rather, I start with a list of foods that I avoid.

A kinda, “rulebook” shall we say, for natural acne healing.

These rules have come in super handy for me over the past few weeks. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been traveling a lot and the first challenge that has come up has been how to maintain healthy habits when you’re traveling.

Now, I know that often I give you the “good stuff”.

So, a few posts back I gave you the top 9 Steps to Avoid Summer Breakouts, I love giving you smoothie recipes for skin healing… but I also like giving you foods to watch out for.

Think of this as one of the first guides (of many to come over the next few months:!!!) that will help you start to get a big picture view on acne clearing.

I know that there is so much info out there that you get super overwhelmed, so I wanted to start us off with some ideas about the “bad stuff” too.

Now, this might not be a whole lot of “new info” to you, but these are general rules for you so that you can start to kinda be on the lookout in your daily life.

4 Worst Foods for Acne:

Food #1 to avoid if you’re trying to heal your acne naturally: ARTIFICIAL SUGARS

We have talked about this many times. Here. And here. But just so that you have this top-of-mind, I wanted to make sure this was top-of-list.

I know you like some science-y stuff to back up what I’m saying, so here are two studies that show the link between acne and sugar. (You can find more studies here.)

1.”Glycemic load diet and frequencies of milk and ice cream intake were positively associated with acne vulgaris.” Translation: High sugar foods, including milk and ice cream, may really cause acne. Find the study here.

2. “The improvement in acne and insulin sensitivity after a low-glycemic-load diet suggests that nutrition-related lifestyle factors may play a role in the pathogenesis of acne”. Translation: Eating less sugar meant less acne breakouts. Find the study here.

Now, that being said, I know it’s almost impossible to remove sugar from your diet.


The best thing that I think you can do when you’re just starting your natural acne clearing journey is to REPLACE all of the artificial sugars with natural sugars.

So, if you’re in love with skittles (like I used to be…) you can grab a pineapple instead. Sure, there is sugar in pineapple (actually, a lot) but it’s all natural sugar AND it starts the process of creating healthier habits, which is really what all natural acne clearing IS.

Food #2 to avoid if you’re trying to heal your acne naturally: DAIRY

Now. I love a good cheese plate as much as the next girl.

I love cream cheese, brie, string cheese….creamer in my coffee…..But it can seriously impact your acne clearing journey if you have any type of allergy or just a general sensitivity to it.

Here is one study that explains why in some science-y terms:

“Two large controlled trials found that cow’s milk increased both the number of people who got acne and its severity.” Translation: Milk = acne. Read more here.

If you think you might have a sensitivity to dairy, try cutting it out for a week and see how you feel. Replace in the meantime with almond milk, coconut milk, and take a few days off the queso (cheese:)

And don’t freak out, if you find that you’re slightly sensitive to it, all you have to do is cut back a bit. You may not have to remove it entirely:)

Food #3 to avoid if you’re trying to heal your acne naturally: CAFFEINE

I know. I know. Caffeine is basically a nectar from the gods.

But it has been shown that the caffeine can induce an inflammation in the body because of it’s acidic nature. Also, caffeine consumption can increase the production of a male hormone called androgen, which can create more breakouts. If you love coffee (caffeine) but you have some breakouts going on, this might be your issue.

Caffeine can also raise your cortisol levels, which is bad for your skin because this stress hormone increases sebum production, which can clog your pores. The accumulated oil in your pores can then act as a breeding ground for bacteria… which then calls white blood cells to the area because of the “infection”… can you see how this causes a whole, bad, chain reaction?

So if you suspect you have a wee allergy/sensitivity here, do the same thing you did with dairy; try to remove it for a few weeks and see how you feel.

Food #4 to avoid if you’re trying to heal your acne naturally: ANYTHING FROM A BOX OR A BAG

This kinda goes without saying, but I’m gonna say it anyways.

If something comes in a box; i.e. chips, cookies, cakes, pasta, cereal, frozen pizza; it is most likely negatively affecting your skin.

These processed foods (even if they say organic on them!) often contain a ton of different weird and not always-safe-for-you chemicals. Again, I’ll go into this at a later date, but before you even start to “cut out” all the processed foods, take a look at the ingredients on the back first. All and any ingredients you can’t pronounce, are most likely no bueno for your skin, love.

With all these said, you can’t just drop these foods cold turkey. Slowly eliminate or just limit these foods from your diet so you don’t go too far too fast (haha, who does that, me? never!!! <all the time>).

Here is an action step for you:  take all of the items that you’re thinking about buying today; crackers, pasta, etc. and replace them with something else. So, for example, I just ate hummus with cucumbers.

In the past I would have put hummus on crackers, not cucumbers, but I wanted to take the box/package out of the equation, and once you find replacements that you like, you’re golden:)

So, the answer to the question, “So what DO you eat?” is:

I don’t eat artificial sugars, I limit dairy, I limit coffee (and when I do have it I don’t use sugar in it, I replace with stevia:), and I really sincerely avoid anything from a box or a bag:)

So I want to know, leave me a comment below; if you’re at the beginning, middle, or even the end of your acne clearing journey, what is the best replacement you’ve made, for bad/acne causing foods instead of good/acne clearing foods?

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Heal your acne by meditating naked over crystals in the woods.

4stepsI remember some of the “solutions” I’d find when I was trying to heal my acne felt like this – totally insane and totally frustrating, but I was still willing to try them because I was so desperate. (Also, I have nothing against crystal healing, but I don’t think it’ll have a huge affect on acne clearing :), so, I’m kidding:)

And I don’t want you to feel desperate anymore.

When I finally did clear my acne, the most important thing I did was put a system in place to make sure that I stayed on track.

Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t eaten sugar in 10 years; it means that I looked at my acne triggers, decided on what things I was struggling with the most, and then picked a few simple and manageable action steps I could take every day to keep my skin clear… and it’s worked.

And I want to help you do the same. 

Today I’m sharing the 4 step-customized-to-your-skin acne clearing routine you can follow daily to clear your skin, because I don’t want you to feel desperate anymore.

I want you to feel in control of your skin, by deciding on action steps to clear your skin, in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Click here to grab your 4 Acne Clearing steps to create a lifestyle that supports acne clearing… and still let’s you have a big piece of chocolate cake every now and then.

P.S. What is my secret sugary addiction, that I eat, but still keep my skin clear? Click to find out.

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9 steps to avoid summer breakouts!

Avoid summer breakouts I know oily skin, redness and itchiness might TOTALLY get you down this summer, so I wanted to help you fight these issues in the most holistic way possible!

Since I’m sure you’re super busy, I’ll jump right into the 9 steps to avoid summer breakouts!

To start, let’s talk about the #1 thing you shouldn’t do for your acne this summer.


1. Do NOT change too many things up in terms of topical treatments.

Summer can sometimes be a free for all of fun. BBQs, pool parties, etc.

But it’s super important that your skin feels as little of this change as possible, because you want to keep it feeling balanced and regulated.

When you’re out in the summer sun, going for hikes, swimming etc, your skin is working on OT (overtime.)

Your body is most likely pumping out more hormones in general because you’re so much more active compared to normal and this creates other chain reactions in your body.

There is most likely, more oil being produced (which is a breeding ground for acne) and you’re most likely touching your face more too because you’re just out and about (which adds more bacteria to the mix), so its super important to add as FEW irritants into the mix as possible.

So try not to change up your topical routine this summer.

Do NOT decide that mid July at the height of a heat wave, that that is the time to experiment with that new 6 part acne clearing plan with extra benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. It will, most likely, NOT go well. (Who did that one summer? Me? Never. Never.)

So what CAN you do instead?

Two of the things you CAN do to help your skin stay calm amidst all of this change are:

  1. Start and maintain an awesome acne clearing morning routine, grab my fav here:)
  2. Grab a power breakfast, like this skin healthy breakfast:)

So I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about a morning routine before, but in case you haven’t, it’s super important. Keeping a routine every day really helps your bod “stay on schedule”.

Aside from what I just shared about, here is MY favorite acne clearing morning routine. (Super similar to one I shared last spring during a challenge:)

  1. I grab a big glass of water first thing (8 ounces) and then I stretch and/or meditate. The point is to do something that is grounding for you, and really helps you get focused for the day.
  2. Grab a power breakfast. (Find a skin healthy breakfast here).

One of my favorite “power breakfasts” that supports clear skin is 2-3 hardboiled eggs, a big handful of mixed organic veggies and a big handful of almonds on the side.

NOW. If you’re used to eating a bagel with cream cheese and eggs and hash browns and coffee and all delicious sugary items…. this WILL seem like a shockingly small amount of food to you.

But hear me out. This meal brings your bod protein and a bit of sugar (but not too much) for a perfect mix of energy and fuel that will keep you feeling full and satisfied MUCH longer than the bagel with cream cheese. Trust me on this.


  • DON’T decide July (most likely the hottest month of the year) is the time to completely switch up your entire skincare routine and to try that brand new 6 part acne clearing system. Your skin very well may go haywire with all of the humidity, activity and general oiliness that’s already happening. Decide on a plan now (in early May) and try not to change it up too much.
  • DO maintain your morning routine. Drink 8 ounces of water the minute you wake up (you’re most likely dehydrated) and meditate, stretch, do something that grounds you and prepares you for the day.
  • DO grab a power breakfast.

2. You must keep your digestion on point.

I can’t stress this enough; you have got to make sure your digestion stays regular for the clearest, most glowing skin possible.

And buhleeeeve me, I know that this is a challenging request.

From the appetizers to the drinks on the beach, its really easy to get either “all stopped up” (you know what I’m talking about) or totally “going” too much.

So here are the two steps you can take to keep your digestion on point:

  1. Take your probiotics.(Find a list of what vitamins are good for acne here).
  2. Try out my favorite and most refreshing summer drink, Kombucha.

Probiotics are kinda like the holy grail in terms of skin health. I talk about them all of the time  (hahaha if you’re heard me talk about them before you’re probably quite sick of it hahah, but bear with me!)

I take a probiotic every day to keep the bacteria balanced in my belly- and this balancing can have a major impact on your acne. (Need more suggestions on Vitamins for Acne? Grab some here and here.)

In case probiotics are new to you, probiotics are supplements you can take to help the growth of GOOD bacteria that helps maintain the natural balance of organisms (microflora) in your intestines. I talk about them more here and here.

Now, if you’re going to pick up probiotics for the first time, you want them to have at least these two things:

  1. At least 10 Billion live cultures
  2. Include the two strains; Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium

Kombucha. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Kombucha is a raw, fermented, pro-biotic and naturally carbonated tea that you can usually find in most health food stuffs and it’s surprisingly refreshing and fizzy.

Kombucha is a really great addition to the probiotics I mentioned above because it’s a natural probiotic that will really help you continue to balance your digestion.

For maximum goodness, grab 2 bottles at your health food store and try one out to see how your body feels.

These two elements combined with a morning routine and and a power breakfast, will totally set you up for balance in your skin to help it thrive!


  • DON’T say no to fun things this summer just because you’re afraid they’ll throw you off track but….
  • DO take your probioitics.
  • DO try kombucha.

These two items together will help you maintain some regularity and balance despite even the most impromptu daiquiri and hayride parties. (I may have been to one a few weeks ago:)

Also, if you want to take a gander at my post on poo and your digestion, where I share more information on another one of my favorite digestion tools, grab it here:)

3. Even though working out and getting sweaty may stress you out- sweat can sometimes mean more breakouts – do it anyways.

Years ago, if someone had told me to exercise for my acne, I most likely would have probably cringed and then gotten annoyed at them (so it’s ok if you’re currently feeling like that:)

But I have to tell you. Exercise is a super important and a SUPER powerful aspect of clearing your acne.

So without getting too nitty gritty into the insane (-ly awesome) chemical and hormonal pathways that make exercise so good for your skin (I’d rather give you action steps to get you moving TODAY, than bore you:) I’ll give you a few details and then we’re gonna do a writing exercise.

When you exercise, “happy hormones” are released throughout your body.

These hormones are called endorphins and they literally trigger a positive feeling in your body because they help to reduce pain, relieve depression and increase circulation and lower stress (circulation and stress are super important here because they have a pretty powerful effect on your skin).

But to make exercise actually happen, you MUST find YOUR thing.

Your thing.

Not what your best friend loves-or even what the sexy man at the gym loves.

And to do this you gotta get real with yourself– are you a morning person- or night person?

Ask yourself: at what time, during the day specifically- do I feel the most invigorated, excited, awake, “up”?

Take a few minutes now, step away from the computer and take out a piece of paper and a pen to think for a second.

I want you to brainstorm on three physical activities that you’ve done in your life that make you feel “alive”. (And if you want more details on how I’ve fallen in love with exercise, check out what the summer body means to me here, it relates, I promise:)

Search high and low in your brain.

Did you go rock climbing one time and it became one of the coolest memories ever? Did someone drag you salsa dancing- like you dreaded going- but when you found yourself there, you felt more exhilarated than you ever had? Did you go to yoga one time (even if you’re a masculine guy!) and feel super peaceful and zen afterwards?

I want you to brainstorm a list of those workouts below and then schedule in 3 times next week to explore these workouts.

Yes 3!!

Literally, go to your calendar right now and schedule in 3 different (or all of the same) workouts that totally light you up, excite you or make you look forward to doing.

I promise you that if you really work through this exercise and really put your heart into it- you’ll find a few workouts that really “light yo’ fire” and it will totally change the way you look at exercise for good:)


  • DON’T avoid excercise because youre worried it’ll make you breakout more.
  • DO find your fav type of excercise, the best for YOU.

So now let’s move to step #4 in beating the summer breakout blues.

4. Go for a dip in the ocean.

For our fourth step I wanted to share a little tip that I used to use in the summer that was a totally secret weapon in terms of soothing my breakouts and handling redness and oiliness throughout the summer.

When I was having particularly bad breakouts; I always noticed after a dip in the ocean that my skin would dry out a bit for a few days.

It would help the redness and oiliness… and I often felt like it helped me heal.

Once I did a bit more research, I discovered that  have actually been studies down on the effect of salt (sodium) on acne and they have been generally positve! You can check it out a study done on the effect of salt on acne here.

So if you live near the ocean, or someone near you wants to plan a trip to the ocean, schedule that today!

So I have to add in a quick PSA here as well regarding “tanning” and the summer. Now, this is a topic that I could go on for days about, but I will spare you a long diatribe, but do not go out in the sun without a hat.

No matter how frustrating your skin is making you feel, always protect it. I have very fair skin – and I’ve always been maniacal about protecting it (after I realized that my “tan” was everyone else’s normal) and my skin has thanked me as I’ve gotten older. I have far less  wrinkles than normal and so will you, if you protect! You will thank me later.


  • DON’T get a sunburn. Or leave your skin exposed. Wear a hat. No negotiations.
  • DO go for a long walk, a run, or do some yoga- and try to do this every day.
  • DO take a dip in the ocean- it may help to soothe some pesky summer breakouts in a really great way.

So now that i’ve given you my fav summer activity, let’s talk about the 5th step to keeping your skin clear (also happens to be another drink you should try!)

5. Lemon water, lemon water, lemon water.

Ok, you may have heard this recommendation before, but bear with me.

Drinking lemon water is fantastic for your skin because lemon water naturally increases the amount of water that you excrete.

While that may not sound great at first (who wants to be dehydrated?) this is ultimately ok because when you drink lemon water you increase the amount of citric acid in your body, which helps your body flush out unwanted toxins in a really great way.

Flushing toxins out is really important to skin health, so pick up a few organic lemons and drink up!

SO ok, I know I just gave you a TON of details,  and there’s a check list that I’ll be adding in at the very end for you to download: (waitttt for it:) but I wanted to share a few bonus secret steps for keeping your skin clear!

6. Maintain balanced blood glucose levels.

Haha, I’ll make that more simple- you must manage your blood sugar.

I’ve created a program called the Clear Your Skin, Change Your Life™ Program and one of the most important things that we address in it is balancing blood sugar.

I could go on for days about blood sugar and how important it is to helping clear your acne but I’ll spare you the science jargon today and I’ll just say that it’s very important.

Here are two things you can do to keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the day:

  • You can eat a protein plus a fruit every 2-2.5 hours to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day.
  • Do not binge eat sugary things on an empty stomach, that is a surefire way to spike your blood sugar in a no bueno way!

Now I wanted to tell you about the last important steps to keeping your skin clear, that we also address in the Clear Your Skin, Change Your Life™ program:

7. You must create a predictable and consistent routine for your body and skin that allows your body to heal.

Since I know summer is really busy, I’ve created the Clear Your Skin, Change Your Life™ 30 Day Self Study Program to help you create a routine without a lot of guess work, AND allows your body to heal from the inside, out. Check it out here!

8. Focus on crowding out the bad, and adding in the good.

What do I mean by this? Try to add in 10 fruits and veggies a day, if you can.

Overwhelmed on where to start?

Grab some ideas here on 7 foods for glowing skin, or grab a delicious acne clearing dinner recipe as well.

When you have acne, filling your body with anti-inflammatory, healing fruits, vegetables and fish is super important.  (I created the Clear Your Skin, Change Your Life™ Program, to really help you fill up with the most healing foods for your skin and body on the whole. Check it out here!

9….. and you have to create a way of life for yourself, your body and skin, that helps you thrive on balance.

Now, I know that you want to clear your skin holistically and naturally through food and nutrition….. and you may feel really excited about all of the steps I just gave you – the kombucha, the probiotics, the dips in the ocean, the balancing your blood sugar…. but you also might feel a teeny bit overwhelmed.

How are you going to integrate all of those items on your own, in a way that feels organized and focused?

And most importantly, how are you going to customize these steps to fit YOU and your lifestyle?

I’ve put together a few items that might help!

If you’re looking for a quick acne clearing jump start, head over to the Clear Your Skin, Change Your Life™ 30 Day Jumpstart Program for more info!

If you’re more interested in just understanding WHY you have acne in the first place, head over to grab a copy of Bold and Bare, A Guide to Make up Optional Skin for more details!

I’ve created a whole host of amazing programs to help you manage your blood sugar, balance your nutrition, so head over right now to check them out!

Want a checklist for the items I just mentioned above? Pin the image below over on your favorite boards!

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