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4 green smoothies for clear skin

green smoothies for clear skin“Green smoothies for clear skin.”

Doesn’t that sentence have a nice ring to it?

I love smoothies. You love smoothies.

We all love freaking smoothies.

When I first started drinking them though, I have to tell you, I wasn’t too sure.

Green juices, around the time I first heard about them, were really only being made as the SUPER potent-type.

Most of the green smoothies I was introduced to were ALL kale and broccoli. They were hard to choke down. <ahem, gag down>

However, over time, they became one of my favorite ways to fill up on health ingredients, without feeling bloated/overly full.

I think too, once I started really getting into them, I just started tailoring them to my unique needs, and voila, I got on the smoothie train for good.

So for example, on the days that I’m really hungry, I’ll add in an avocado, instead of romaine. The avo helps fill me up when I need it.

OR, if I’m craving sugar in a really bad way, I’ll add some pineapple for that extra zing (and to help me avoid eating something I shouldn’t). It usually takes care of the craving immediately.

SO, because I know you like using smoothies for clear skin-lovin too, I thought I’d share 4 green smoothie recipes that support clear skin with you. I love sharing the “smoothie love” :)!

Here are 4 of my favorite green smoothie recipes for clear skin + a bonus list of 4 of the best ingredients you can blend in your smoothie to get that “talk-of-the-town” skin:

1. Avocados:

Avocados have a ton of monosaturated fatty acids in them, which play a key role in moisturizing.

The omega-9 fats in avocado also help to maintain a healthy balance of moisture levels in the outermost layer of skin, aka the epidermis. The oleic acid in avocados reduces any inflammation and soreness caused by acne and helps to repair damaged cells.

Apart from this, avocados also possess a high antioxidant and vitamin C and E content as well. Not only do these components improve the skin’ general appearance, they also reduce the effects of sun’s UV radiations and help to  maintain the firmness and structure of skin cells to prevent wrinkles.

(For a yummy avocado mask, click here.)

As I mentioned above, I love using avocados in my smoothie when I’m feeling extra hangry (that’s hungry + angry which happens to me often ;).

Here’s a green smoothie recipe for you with avocado in it:

Avocado and Melon Smoothie:

green smoothies for clear skin


1 avocado
1 cup melon slices
1½ tbsp. lemon juice
1 cup milk
1 tbsp. honey
1 cup yogurt


Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend nicely. Can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

2. Kiwi

Kiwis are rich in vitamin C which functions as an antioxidant and boosts collagen production. It also has great anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to soothe some inner and outer inflammation. It also restricts the excessive sebum production, helping to cleanse the pores and prevent further breakouts.

Adding kiwi in your smoothie can add a little extra zing, so I’d give it a try today!

Here’s a green smoothie recipe for you with kiwi in it:

Kiwi and Banana Smoothie:

green smoothies for clear skin


5 peeled and cut kiwis
2 peeled and cut bananas
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1/3 cup sugar


Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend nicely. Add ice and enjoy cold.

*This green smoothie packs quite a sugar punch, so I’d recommend it only if you’re not worried about your sugar intake.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber is a wonderful vegetable for acne support because its soooooo hydrating.

Cucumbers are made up of 90% water and help keep the skin moisturized. It also works as an astringent, when applied topically, to speed up the acne healing process and help to lighten any scars.

Cucumbers are rich in silica, aptly titled ‘the beauty mineral’ as it contains nutrients that assist in the quick replenishment of skin cells. Adding this natural skin cleanser, moisturizer, and toner in your smoothie will give you an A++ in the smoothie game.

Here’s a green smoothie recipe for you with cucumber in it:

Yogurt and Cucumber Smoothie:

green smoothies for clear skin


1 cup yogurt (green, natural, no sugar added)
1 cucumber
1½ tbsp. lemon juice
5 mint leaves
1 tbsp. honey
½ cup almond milk


Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend until a smooth texture appears. Add ice and serve cold.

4. Carrot

There is a ton of beta-carotene in the form of vitamin A in carrots, which really helps you fight the good fight against acne, naturally.

The carotenoid component functions as an antioxidant and prevents the skin cells from any free radical damage, which helps to eventually slow down signs of premature aging.

Potassium exists in high levels in carrots as well, which helps your God-Pod (aka, body) maintain a healthy electrolyte balance.

Here’s a green smoothie recipe for you with carrot in it:

Carrot, banana and pineapple smoothie:

green smoothies for clear skin


1 peeled and sliced large banana
½ tbsp. ginger
1 cup pineapple
¼ tbsp. turmeric
½ cup carrot juice
1 tbsp. lemon juice
1cup almond milk


Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend until a smooth texture appears. Add more carrot juice if blending is difficult. Tastes best when served cold and fresh.

(Also, if you want more details on the potent power of turmeric, click here:)

Want a few ideas for other awesome ingredients in your green smoothies for clear skin?

I love adding in coconut oil, parsley, almond milk, kefir, aloe vera juice, grapefruit, orange, lettuce, kale, spinach and honey.

You can mix and match these ingredients, depending on what you’re feeling like!

Now. This isn’t our first rodeo on the smoothie train (that analogy doesn’t make sense but WORK WITH ME HERE).

If you want more smoothie lovin’ than there already is above, please head over to this post for more skin loving’ smoothie recipes.


What do you think? Which smoothie will you try first? Let me know in the comments below:!

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Does alcohol affect acne? A Happier Hour for your skin

does alcohol affect acneYou LOVE your social life.

You like partying and going out and meeting people…. you organize the happy hours for work.

But, I know you’re having trouble with your skin and I think you might feel a teeny bit of guilt every time you do go out and party a bit.

What if what you’re eating and drinking is making your acne worse?

……I’ve got some ideas for you, my love.

I wanted to give you my “rules of the road” to maintain healthy skin while at happy hour – because I’ve been there too.

I had a super fun social life, lots of parties and events to go to… but I also felt super guilty about the food I was eating and the drinks I was drinking because I was petrified all of it was making my acne worse.

So, I wanted to help:)

Let’s party.

(disclaimer: I do NOT advocate for underage drinking and I am NOT a doctor, so make sure to take a gander at this disclaimer for me:)

3 rules for a Happier Hour for your skin:

1. Manage and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

2. Eat foods that help – not hurt- your digestion.

3. Stay hydrated.

Let’s chat about these a bit more about these 3 rules really quickly.

1. Manage your blood sugar.

glycemic index and your acne










Let’s have a quick chemistry lesson.

When you drink alcohol, your blood sugar rises.

When this happens, your pancreas releases insulin to counteract the glucose in your system. This is a normal process, and it’s a sign of your body is doing it’s job well.

However, when this process happens too much, and with increasing and decreasing severity and intensity, your blood sugar levels start to get a bit wonky.

Glucose levels dip and spike and the chain reaction this causes in your body can negatively contribute to your acne.

So the goal with all of our happy hour selections will be to minimize this blood sugar rollercoaster as much as possible (which will also help you avoid the hangover in the AM #yourewelcome).

2. Eat foods that help – not hurt – your digestion.

ayurveda for your acne
like this delicious kombucha recipe












I don’t know about you, but certain happy hour food selections used to totally mess up my ahem, digestion.

Either, a few hours later I’d start “going” like CRAZY (you know what I’m saying) OR I wouldn’t go at all, for like, days. (Again, you know what I’m saying, those pizza bites man).

SO, with our happy hour food selections we want to make sure we grab foods with a lot of fiber in them if possible, and we want to try to avoid the super “binding” foods likes bread, fried dough, cheese, dairy, etc. (I know, those are some of the best parts ABOUT happy hour, but believe me, you’ll thank me for this later.)

3. Stay hydrated.

does alcohol affect acne












Back in the day when I was a happy hour queen, my hangovers were terrifying. So, I developed a little system that allowed me to be out and about at night, but not curled into a ball the next day

I drank one 8 ounce glass of water for every alcoholic drink.

If you want to make sure your skin doesn’t become completely dehydrated and terrifyingly grumpy (which totally gets in the way of acne clearing) you MUST drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink.

I can’t over emphasize this rule enough.

This rule will super help with your potential hangover the next morning (as in, will help you not have one) and will help to prevent moisture loss. This can help damaged skin heal from acne and protect against wrinkles in the future. (#yesplease).

So without further ado, here are some delicious Happy Hour Drink Recipes that will fill you up, but won’t completely destroy your skin.

4 Drinks For A Happier Hour for your skin:)

does alcohol affect acne



Vodka soda with a lime:

This CAN be boring, but thats ok! This is a “clean” drink comparatively speaking, so it won’t spike your blood sugar as MUCH as something like … a frozen pina colada would.

Cosmo martini (SUPER light on the cranberry juice):

Again, if you keep the cranberry juice light, you’re really just grabbing some vodka with a little flavor which is the simplest and cleanest drink, so great for your skin.

Martini gimlet, up, with extra limes:

First things first, this will pack a POWERFUL punch, so make sure you’ve eaten a ton before you imbibe with this one (also, see the disclaimer at the beginning, I do not condone underage drinking at all, ever:) but this drink usually tastes very clean (just gin and pure lime juice) and doesn’t have a ton of sugar/syrup in it.

A good Malbec?

Yes please. Red wine (in moderation) has antioxidants so it can actually contribute to your overall health (again, in super moderation.)

Dry red wine usually has lower levels of fructose in it, so a really deep, dry red can actually positively to your bod (but only if you’re drinking in moderation:)

5 Drinks To Avoid At Happy Hour:

does alcohol affect acne











  1. Pina Colada

  2. Sex On The Beach (so many juices and sugars, oh, my, no.)

  3. Long Island Ice Tea (just. don’t.)

  4. Mai Tai

  5. Beer

General rules:

Anything here that has a COLOR – like a green, syrupy mojito, or a bright yellow fructose-filled-syrupy-frozen Mai Tai, or has fruit juice OR a ton of syrup, is a skin-killer and hangover-creator and should be avoided at all costs:)

Final-very-important-thoughts on happy hour:

I need to have a big side note around the entire happy hour scene and drinking alcohol in general, before I leave you.

Alcohol can be great. It can be a way to relax, unwind, celebrate.

Alcohol can also be really toxic, and if left unexamined, certain habits around it may or may not become unhealthy.

I say this because, as I was writing this, I kept checking in with myself.

I don’t really drink anymore. But there was a time in my life when I drank a lot.

Sometimes it was healthy, celebratory drinking, other times, not so much.

And I want to make sure I’m really clear about why I wanted to share these fun drinksies with you.

Sharing these simple drink recipes came out of a desire to help you respect your body in a much more profound way, without having to change your entire life.

Keeping your blood sugar balanced, making sure your digestion is running well, staying hydrated… those are not things that I do just because of my skin.

They’re things that I do out of respect.

This body of mine, this body of yours, it’s the second most important thing in my life (to my soul, I put soul at level-1-importance, body at an insanely close level-2-importance) and I want to help you treat your bod with as much care, love, respect and actual devotion as possible. (I’m dead serious about the devotion part. I am devoted to the health of my body and all of it’s systems, and I think it’s the best way to live!)

So the goal of this post is to help you still be YOU; to enjoy your life, party with yo’ frens, have the busy and wild life you want, while still respecting your body’s needs.

Because generally speaking, anything that’s good for your skin and acne clearing (staying hydrated, keeping blood sugar levels balanced, managing digestion) is also great for your body.

I talk about this on the blog a lot, but the goal isn’t “perfection” around skin clearing.

The goal is to create consistent, healthy habits that lead to a happier, more balanced you – which then hopefully helps to balance and clear your skin at the same time.

I hope some of these ideas help you to have a happier and healthier happy hour:)

IF you want to grab some recipes for Happy Hour, that won’t completely kill your skin, head here, to the “free stuff” section and grab some skin clearing goodies now:)

does alcohol cause acne?

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5 acne clearing food recipes

acne clearing recipesI LOVE sharing my favorite acne clearing food recipes – because changing how I ate truly and completely transformed my skin.

SO, I wanted to share even more acne clearing recipes that I know are good for your skin!

Below you’ll find 2 green juices, 1 sandwich, 1 salad and 1 dinner recipe, all with ingredients that help to heal and nourish your skin from the inside out! (Waaahoooozies.)

(Also, these recipes come from a free download I made for you, 10 recipes for acne clearing, SO, if you’ve already downloaded this delicious nugget of goodness, head over to the free stuff area for more free downloads of clear skin lovin‘.)

Each acne clearing food recipe will have at least one of these acne clearing conditions/characteristics:

1. Low sugar. Sugar has a super negative effect on acne, head over here for more details.

2. Some element of digestion goodness. Digestion plays a major role in acne clearing, read more here, and I want to share foods that not only nourish your skin, but support your digestion as well.

I hope you like the recipes below, make sure to snap a pic over on the ‘gram and share your yummy dishes with us!

Recipe #1 – Delicious green smoothie:

acne clearing recipes










2-3 stalks of celery
1 big handful of kale
1 big handful of spinach
1 peeled cucumber
1 green apple
1 peeled lemon
1 small handful of parsley

Why this is great for your skin :

Celery is amazing for acne clearing because of it’s Vitamin C (it stimulates collagen production) (bueno) and also because it can act as a diuretic in the body – removing bad waste products that can sometimes contribute to frustrating skin stuff.

Kale is great for your skin because it has a ton of Vitamin C as well, and a lot of Vitamin A which both promote healthy skin cell growth.

If you’re not used to drinking green juices, add in extra lemon juice:). (Love green juices? Grab my fav one here:)

Best way to drink this juice:

Whip one up this AM, or grab one at a local store and make sure to snap a pic and hashtag #healyourfacewithfood over on the ‘gram.


Recipe #2 – Berry Berry Smoothie:

acne clearing recipes











1 big handful of kale
1 big handful of berries: strawberry, blueberry, black, raspberry
1 big handful of spinach
1 avocado

Make sure to juice the berries, kale and spinach, and then blend them with the avocado and ice:)

Why this is great for your skin:

Avocados are rich in Vitamin E and have a ton of antioxidants. (I’m in a deep love affair with avocados; grab a mask here, and another green juice recipe here:)

They also have plenty of Vitamin C, which is great for calming skin inflammation while moisturizing the skin naturally, from the inside out:)

Berries work wonders for reducing inflammation in the body, and as a result your skin!

They also help to stabilize blood glucose and insulin levels (high insulin speeds up skin cell production which can cause acne)(Read more on the Science of Skin here).

By getting your dose of delicious berries you’re giving your #hawtbod nutrients to reduce inflammation.

Spinach is rich in chlorophyll which helps to cleanse bacteria and toxins from your digestive tract and bloodstream, so it’s an obvious “yes”.

Additionally, spinach is full of Vitamin A, which behaves as an anti-acne agent and is often used for topical acne creams.

Best way to drink this juice:

Mix this smoothie up, hashtag #healyourfacewithfood on instagram, and toss in a thermos to drink outside!

Sip slowly and enjoy in the park under a tree or a park bench somewhere as you people watch:)


Recipe # 3 – SUPAH Simple Salad:

acne clearing recipes












Big bunch o’ romaine
Handful of pumpkin seeds
1 big handful of strawberries
1 cucumber, peeled if not organic
1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
1 lemon

Why this is great for your skin:

Pumpkin seeds are a skin superfood. They’re super high in zinc which protects your cell membranes, maintains collagen, and promotes skin renewal.

Apple cider vinegar is wonderful for balancing your skin because it helps with digestion and hormonal balancing.

Did you know that acne heals faster when the skin is moist as opposed to dry? Olive oil is great for creating moisture from the inside out and it also contains antibacterial agents that prevent acne from worsening due to bacteria.

It’s anti-inflammatory properties also slow down skin cell production in the body – resulting in less acne.

Best way to eat this yummers creation:

Throw this salad into a big bowl and get nice and cozy at home, in your fav chaise lounge. (I dream of owning a chaise lounge, do you?) Don’t forget to snap a pic and hashtag #healyourfacewithfood on instagram.

Recipe #4 – Clear Skin Sambo:

(if you’re feeling “peckish” as they say in Britain-land tehehehe)

acne clearing recipes











3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/8 cup olive oil
1 cup sliced red bell peppers
1 small zucchini, sliced
1 red onion, sliced
1 small yellow squash, sliced
2 (4-x6-inch) gluten free bread pieces, split horizontally
1/2 cup crumbled goat cheese

Add all ingredients together (minus goat cheese) in a bowl to mix.

Then spread goat cheese on toasted gluten free bread, layer the other ingredients and voila! (Favorite brand of gluten free bread is: UDIS as well as Ezechial breads.)

Why this is great for your skin:

Garlic contains antioxidants, which can help when you’re having breakouts, as they calm and repair damaged skin from acne.

With this sambo, I find we address an issue that you may be having as well, an issue that is important when you’re trying to heal your acne naturally, and that is; Hunger.

If you go from eating a ton of bad stuff, to a ton of healthy stuff, you WILL feel a little hunger creep in.

A teeny bit is ok and normal, but any significant amount of “hunger” is a BIG no-no.

If you’re starving all of the time, it most likely means your body is low on fuel, (i.e. you have low blood sugar). When this happens, you’ll naturally start craving “bad stuff” like artificial sugars, more and more (again, another no-no.) and you’ll be mentally (and physically) weak in terms of resisting.

We do NOT want you to be hungry while you’re healing your acne naturally, and this sandwich really helps to fill you up + it’s filled with veggies and antioxidant goodness; #winwin.

Best way to eat:

Take a midday break from school/ work/napping and put together this sambo while you listen to some of your fav musica of the minute (I’m pretty into Spanish flamenco right now). Listen while you eat.


Recipe # 5 – Yummy Fish Dish:

(^^^ say that outloud and you’ll giggle:)

acne clearing recipes










Simple Ingredients:

Buy 1 pound of Baked Wild Alaskan Salmon at your local store and 1 large bunch of asparagus.


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

Place salmon in a small baking dish and cover with 2 tablespoons of butter, 1 squeezed lemon, 1 tablespoon dried dill weed, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder and place in oven for 25 minutes.

Asparagus: Cut off the bottoms, sprinkle them with spices, salt/pepper and roast in the oven at 350 degrees until they start to brown.

Place the salmon over the asparagus and voila! Yummy, filling AND detoxifying meal:)

Why this is great for your skin:

One of the main reasons that salmon is so phenomenal for you is because it contains a high amount of omega-3s.

Omegas-3s are polyunsaturated fatty acids and they help support basically all of the functions in your body (specifically your brain and heart) but the most important detail about omega-3s is that they help to lower inflammation in your body.

They lower the “bad fats” in your body, increase “good cholesterol”, and also help regulate oil levels in your skin which can be really powerful for acne clearing.

Asparagus supports your skin by detoxifying your liver and as a result, cleansing your body of toxins that can have a pretty significant impact on your skin and acne.

Best way to eat this:

Grab this dinner and whip it up 1-2X a week for max impact on your skin over time!!! Listen to Frank Sinatra while you cook – he’s my fav;)

Don’t forget to snap a pic and hashtag #healyourfacewithfood on instagram.


Interested in more acne clearing recipes? Go download 5 more acne clearing recipes here, over in the “free stuff” section of Heal Your Face With Food Land and whip up some more yummy recipes!

heal your face with food

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Green Smoothie for acne healing

green smoothie for acne healingI am absolutely obsessed with this green smoothie for acne healing.

And the time is come for me to announce it as THE Heal Your Face With Food Signature Smoothie… because it’s something I’ve been working on in my brainz for quite a while now.

If you’re a smoothie savant, you’ll love this recipe because it’s super delicious and sweet.

IF, however, you’re kinda new to my world and/or the world of natural acne clearing (oh hai, welcome < wink wink >) I wanted to share this recipe with you.

I think it’s kinda cliche nowawdays to say that “smoothies have changed my life”, but for me, it’s very, very true.

BUT, BUT, BUT, when I first started smoothie-ing, I remember the first gulps of an ULTIMATE green juice were pretty hard to get down.

I think it was something like cucumber, celery, ginger, kale, spinach and parsley and LAWED, it was not my jam.

I remember thinking “um… yah, this isn’t going to work for me.”.

But, I tried a few other green juice recipes that were good for my skin as well and they were REALLY good… and I realized that adding them into my daily life would be not only practical, but would REALLY help my skin.

If you’re just starting your acne clearing journey and/or if you’re pretty unfamiliar with green smoothies and green juices in general, I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes with you, my favorite green smoothie for acne clearing recipe.

Here is why I’ve chosen this recipe, for you, my natural acne healing newbie:

It’s freaking delicious…

…because…I’ve included two fruits in it.

NOW, if you’ve read any of my other blog posts on sugar and eating cookies all day long (something I, too, have done a lot of), you know how I feel about sugar and how it impacts your skin.

BUT, here’s the thing. I believe that acne clearing, natural acne clearing, sometimes starts with teeny life changes.

NOT necessarily a big drastic detoxes (I think detoxes can be REALLY powerful, don’t get me wrong, it’s why I’ve created the Clear Your Skin, Change Your Life Program) but I think that if you’re a beginner to this new natural acne healing-world, it’s better to start with baby steps.

Because let’s be honest here, (and it’s just you and me right now so don’t worry, no one knows about this little conversation:) ), if you’ve been struggling with acne for a while, and this is the first time you’re starting to realize it could be because of your food, then, well….. This could go one of two ways.

You could buy all of my programs, go on a crazy health binge for approximately 20 days and then fall viciously off the wagon because you’re craving a chocolate chip cookie so hard you can’t think…..

OR…. you start to ease into the process, make some foundational changes and THEN, when you’re ready, you purchase a program to continue the progress you’re already seeing.

I think the second option is the best option, no?

This is my dream: that you, my sweet-tooth-and-pasty-obsessed-partner-in-crime, you, start to substitute this smoothie in during the day when you’d normally eat something else, like a chocolate chip cookie.

It’s why I’ve made this smoothie a TEENY bit sweet, so that it can serve as an easy and simple substitute for what you normally grab when you have a sweet tooth craving.

Here is the signature Heal Your Face With Food Smoothie for natural acne healing beginners, my favorite green smoothie for acne clearing…

…. so that you can start to add in healthy sugars and create healthier habits when it comes to your sweet tooth :)


1 cup spinach
1 large green apple
1 cucumber (peeled if not organic)

Blended with:
1 ripe avocado
1 cup pineapple

Here are just a few reasons why I’ve picked the following ingredients for you:


green smoothie for acne clearing










Spinach is great for your skin because it’s full of vitamin A, which helps to repair wounds (aka inflammation and old acne breakouts) and helps to keep your skin cells healthy.

Spinach also has a ton of vitamin C, which is needed for collagen production.

Collagen production is muy importante when you’re healing after breakouts because it helps to grow new cells and repair old ones.

Green Apple

green smoothie for acne clearing












I LOVE green apples in my smoothies and green juices.

Here’s why; they’re low in sugar but still “sweeten the smoothie up” and they have a ton of fiber, which can help if you’re dealing with some digestive issues. (If you’re struggling with some digestion stuff, head over to this homemade sauerkraut recipe for an easy at home recipe for digestion help).

Green apples also contain polyphenol and flavonoids, antioxidants that help prevent cancer and DNA damage.


green smoothie for acne clearing












I love adding cucumbers to my smoothies because they’re incredibly hydrating; they’re 96% water.

Sometimes they get a bad rap for this though (“there aren’t enough actual nutrients”) but they’re a great source of vitamins C and K, both antioxidants that help to fight dark circles under the eyes and repair cell damage.


green smoothie for acne clearing










Avocados, avocados, avocados, my love.

Like most people obsessed with health on the interwebs, I’m pretty obsessed with avocados. I like to use them for hydrating skin masks, in my smoothies, and on my salads because they’re just such a delicious and nutritious delight.

I’ve gone over why avocados are good for your skin here, but suffice it to say: they have a ton of antioxidant carotenoids like alpha-carotene and beta carotene, a ton of vitamin C and vitamin E as well.

They are also a source of really healthy fats for your lovely and beautiful bod.

They have a ton of omega 9 fatty acids which are super key to rejuvenating damaged skin cells and getting rid of redness and irritation. <ding ding ding!> (<—This is incredibly helpful when you’re dealing with breakouts! )


green smoothie for acne clearing













And pineapples. The crown jewel of this delicious smoothie. The mother load.

Pineapples have a ton of vitamin C, which is a wonderful antioxidant and bromelain, an enzyme that helps fight inflammation and swelling. Perfect if you’re struggling with acne issues.

All of that antioxidant goodness aside, here is the number one reason I’ve added pineapple: it’s incredibly sweet.

Yes, the woman who is constantly advocating for you to go off sugars is telling you to eat this delicious fruit because it’s incredibly sweet and, here’s why:

When you’re first trying to heal your acne naturally, the first step I suggest (that we take in the Clear Skin, My Way Program and the Clear Your Skin, Change Your Life Program is to go off artificial sugars).

However, if you have a 2-3 chocolate chip cookie a day habit (plus a-dunkin’-doughnut-a-day, plus-a-piece-of-pizza-a-day-habit…..) (no judgement here, buhlieve me, I’ve been there) the idea of “going off all sugars” is fairly ludicrous.

Where do I even begin? How could I make that work?

I remember wondering.

I think that if you’re struggling with sweet tooth issues, but you really want to kick artificial sugars out of your life, that you should start by substituting this green smoothie in for artificial sugars, instead.

And slowly see how your body and your skin start to change in crazy, and amazing ways.

So what do you think? Will you make this signature Heal Your Face With Food smoothie this week? Head over to instagram and tag your smoothie with #healyourfacewithfood to let me know! I can’t wait to see your yummy juices!!!

Smoothie recipe for glowing skin

23Summer is coming and I know you’re gonna need some ideas on what the best smoothies are for some summer yummy lovin’, so I wanted to share one of my favs with you.

If you remember back to the ayurveda for your acne post, since summer is coming, you might already be eating a bit lighter.

Me too, but sometimes that means that I eat a little too light and end up craving items that are a little “heavy-light”.

Haha, does that make sense? So, I want a smoothie, but I want a HEARTY smoothie.

I think you’ll understand more when you read below:)

This delicious smoothie recipe for glowing skin is one of my favs AND it’s filling, so it’s perfect:)

Here is my favorite smoothie recipe for glowing skin, the Heal Your Face With Food “Green Machine”:

1 cup spinach
1 green apple
1 cup kale
1 cup pineapple
1 full pear

Blended with:
1 avocado (peeled)

BAYUM. Hearty, delicious, skin-healthy smoothie:)

This delish green smoothie is awesome for a few reasons:

The spinach here packs a powerful punch of vitamins a and c, both of which are anti-inflammatory, collagen building (which you need a lot of if you’re skin is dealing with breakouts) and help to heal skin wounds.

Pineapples are full of antioxidants which help with free radical activity in your body, can stimulate collagen synthesis (helps to make your skin appear stronger and firmer) and they’re chock full of “bromelain” which is a highly anti-inflammatory compound that your skin will also love:)

I add avocado to almost every smoothie I can (and masks:) because it’s so, so hydrating for your body and therefore, your skin on the whole.

It has a ton of vitamin C which helps to create elastin and collagen, a ton of antioxidant “carotenoids” which provide awesome protection for your skin against fine lines and wrinkles, and just general free radical damage.

Avocados also have a ton of vitamin E which prevents certain skin issues (like skin damage) from progressing.

I’d recommend you make this smoothie a “summer staple”; I think it’s perfect for a summer time glow:)!!

What’s your favorite summer smoothie recipe? Leave me a comment below:)



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